About Us

We are an English family who fell in love with Puglia, the heel of the Italian boot, many years ago. In the early 2010s we emigrated to the region, taking on a large plot of land in the countryside outside Ostuni, 'La Citta Bianca' (The White City).

Our plot of land provides us with countless gifts, from figs and plums to almonds, pears and grapes. But most precious of all are the ancient olive trees that have been growing here for centuries, in some cases over 500 years.

Over the years, we have gradually gained knowledge and experience in producing our own olive oil - observing neighbours, talking to friends (everyone has an opinion on the best methods of olive oil production!) and researching online.

By combining local knowledge, passed down from generation to generation from time immemorial, along with present day understanding of food production and our own experiences, we have produced what we consider to be the finest quality extra virgin olive oil.

We ensure our trees are well maintained, being regularly pruned to ensure they remain healthy. We don't use any pesticides or other chemicals to ensure nothing nasty ends up in the oil. We only take olives directly from the trees, onto nets to be collected in and taken to the press within hours. We try to harvest early to ensure a greater mix of 'greener' olives which adds to the overall flavour of the oil produced.

The resulting oil is of exceptional quality - to qualify as extra virgin there must be a maximum % of free acids of 0.8% (or 8g per 100g of oil) - Boccadoro Extra Virgin Olive Oil never has more than 0.4%, placing it amongst the very best in this premium category.

We absolutely love our Boccadoro Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and we hope you will too!

Puglia Passion and Boccadoro Olive Oil are trading names of Puglia Passion Ltd
Puglia Passion Ltd is registered in England and Wales Registration Number: 14112424
36 Sumpter Pathway, Chester CH2 3JF United Kingdom